Dec 9, 2010

My first watercolor....

.... was a total disaster. I didn't even mix the colors properly. Well ... planning to try again. Tried it from some online lesson.
First lesson learnt: Do use watercolor paper for painting in water colors.

Jan 12, 2010


God i am really bad with hair. She looks like a devil.(on a bad hair day!)

A small break from portraits.

Praise lord Krishna

This one was supposed to be Julia Roberts. But unfortunately turned out into some one else!!!!

My 3rd and best so far. Love this one.

Started this one lond back, may be in 98 or 99 but finished in 2009


i started drawing more frequently in 2009. I wanted to spend my spare time doing something creative. So i went back to drawing. Trying to practice a bit.



 copied it from one of my dad's drawing.


This one too is from a card.

Jan 6, 2010

This is the oldest i found. Done in  1996.

I don't have the original picture from which i drew this one. it was a greeting card, painted by some artist.

Thanks to mom and dad.

It looks like all the kids in the family have inherited the genes from them which is responsible for making them artistically abled. All are into drawing /sketching or painting, even though, none professionally.It is a hobby and a favorite hobby of mine.